The first step in gaining access to OneSolution is to fill out a request for access form. This form will ask for your information, where you work, what kinds of access you need, and then some signatures from supervisors and/or deans. Once the form is complete, you can scan and submit it via AskIT (our support ticketing system) by emailing the attached form to

When your form has been processed you will receive an email from Mary Hill.

Once your form has been submitted and processed, you’ll receive an email to stating that your OneSolution profile has been created. You can now sign up for a class and the email will state which classes — ONESolution Report Training Class or ONESolution Online Webform Check Request Training Class (or both) — you are eligible to sign up for. Sign up by selecting a training from our class list!

Because OneSolution contains sensitive data, we have taken extra steps to make sure all of the information is kept safe. You will need to log into the 02 Restricted group of our Virtual Private Network (VPN) each time you use OneSolution. Department Heads, DNLs, HR liaisons, and business managers can request authorization for new employees by submitting an online request to EITS. After submitting the request, they will receive an automatic email confirming that the request has been received. This email does not mean your access has been granted. Another email will be sent in the next few business days that will confirm you have been granted access to the 02 Restricted VPN.

Being enrolled in ArchPass and downloading the Duo Mobile app on your smart phone will allow you to authenticate your VPN login through your personal device. It’s super convenient! Click here to get started.

We’ll see you in class! All ONESolution classes will be held at the Milledge Centre building (394 S. Milledge Ave, Athens). We highly encourage attendees to ride the UGA bus (free) or carpool since our parking lot is frequently full leaving no empty spaces. There is a UGA Bus stop right in front of our building (across the street), with very easy access. If you have no option except to drive in, please be sure to see the receptionist upon entering the building to request a temporary parking pass.

Once you’ve completed the training session, you’ll be able to access OneSolution any time you need it.