Did you know that marketing efforts in GAIL allow you to track gifts that are made as a result of the effort? All it takes to enable this feature is adding a placeholder segment to generate a finder number.

First thing’s first: what’s a placeholder segment?

A placeholder segment acts just like all the segments you’ve used before, except we have created them specifically to only include one constituent: Direct M. Placeholder. Some schools and colleges have their own placeholder segments set up, but if yours doesn’t have one you can use All – Placeholder. 

Now, what exactly is a Finder Number?

A Finder Number is a 10 digit code (ex. 1127181137) that can be included on contribution cards and web links to track revenue tied with a marketing effort. When Gift Accounting sees this number on a gift, they connect the gift back to your marketing effort. Every time a constituent is pulled through a marketing effort, they are assigned their own specific finder number that will only be used with your specific marketing effort. 

But when the placeholder segment is added, only one finder number is generated because only one constituent gets pulled by that segment. Mr. Direct M. Placeholder’s finder number is the one you’ll add to your contribution card. 

So now that we know what a finder number is and what it does, let’s go over how to create one for your marketing effort.

1. Once you have the effort created and have completed the source code, chosen address processing/name format options, and set exclusions, scroll to the Segments section of the DME Dashboard.

2. Click Add and choose Constituent Segment just like you would with any other segment. Search for your placeholder segment then add your package and save. 

3. Add the rest of your segments as you normally would, but make sure that the placeholder segment remains at the top of the list. You can move it up or down using the blue arrows. 

4. Once you have all your segments added, calculate your effort.

5. When the process has finished running, scroll back down to the Segments section of the DME Dashboard. Click on the placeholder segment to highlight it then click on the List Members icon.

6. Scroll all the way to the right to locate your finder number. This can be printed on contribution cards or return envelopes as well as included in web links.