Have you noticed that you’re seeing higher counts of email addresses for your selections in GAIL?  The Advancement Services team is excited to share our success with collecting new email addresses for our constituents!  We’ve increased our email percentage in GAIL from just below 50% of our entire constituent database to now 64.1%, which equates to over 113,000 new email addresses!  This 63% benchmarks near the top of the higher education industry!

The breakdown:

  • All living constituents in GAIL with email addresses = 406,688
    • All living constituents = 634,725
  • All alumni with email addresses = 198,170
    • All living alumni = 311,116
  • Undergraduate alumni with email addresses = 154,131
    • All living undergrads = 241,151

*Constituents with multiple email addresses only count once, for comparison purposes.