Have you hired a new Student Worker at your school/college/unit who needs GAIL access and training? If so, please follow the detailed steps below to get them started.  Student workers are highly encouraged to complete the GAIL 101 Online Training module allowing them “View Access” in GAIL. If Student Workers need to update records or assist with event management, they will need to complete “Update Records” training in the Milledge Centre Training Room.

  1. Student Worker – Fill out and submit a GAIL User Access Request Form to the Office of Client Services by clicking on the link below.
    *Please make you have all the required signatures prior to submitting your form.
  2. Supervisor – Request 02 Restricted Virtual Private Network access on your Student Worker’s behalf by clicking on the link below:
  3. Student Worker – Register & Download Archpass DUO Mobile on your mobile device (this is required to access GAIL):
  4. Student Worker – Once all access requirements have been established, click on the link below to register for GAIL 101 All Users Online Training:

To schedule a one-on-one training session after completing the online training module, please email Leslie West (lkwest@uga.edu) or David Ornelas (dornelas@uga.edu) with dates and times of availability.