To be granted access to to use the GAIL system and/or to send emails through BBIS all users are required to submit a signed access form.

Completed forms can be sent to Advancement Services via email to, by fax to 706-542-8185, or by campus mail to the Milledge Centre.

Once you’ve submitted your Access request form, your next step is to register for a GAIL 101 class, install Archpass Duo, and request access to the VPN 02 restricted group.  You can easily install Archpass Duo on your own mobile device. However, your supervisor will need to request your access to the VPN 02 restricted group. GAIL 101 class attendance is required for obtaining access to the system. You will need both ArchpassDuo and access to the 02 restricted group in order to participate in the GAIL 101 class.

Step 1

Fill out a User Access Request Form and submit to for processing.

GAIL Access Request Form:

Step 2

Register for a training class.

GAIL Training Class Registration:

*Steps 2 & 3 are required for class attendance*

Step 3

Your Supervisor’s request for you to be granted access to ’02 Restricted Virtual Private Network’ through UGA.

VPN Access Request:

Step 4

Register for and Download Archpass (Duo Mobile) to your smartphone.

Archpass Duo Mobile:
*You will need this for class time*

Attend Training Class(es)

Come to the class(es) that you registered for in Step 2.

Click the appropriate link below to obtain the desired form.

Request Access for GAIL

Request Access for BBIS Emails