How do you usually add members to your prospects of group? Most fundraisers opt to go the direct route via the members tab of their prospects of group. On this tab you can click the Add button and search for and select constituents to add to your group. 

Why do I need to add constituents?

Adding constituents to your prospects of group allows you to receive email alerts about their interactions, gifts, birthday, and more! If you are already connected to a constituent via a plan in GAIL, you do not need to add constituents manually to your group. This process happens automatically overnight.

Is there another way?

Like most processes in GAIL, there are multiple ways to achieve a single outcome. If you don’t want to navigate to your prospects of group to add members, you can do this on an individual’s constituent record. Once you have located the constituent you want to add to your group, click Add to group or household in the top left corner of your screen in the Tasks bar. Then in the group/household field, search for and select your prospects of group. After you click Save, you will be redirected to your group where you can confirm  that your constituent has successfully been added.