USE Description
A&S Franklin College of Arts & Sciences
AA Alumni Relations/Association Dept
ASRV Advancement Services
ATHL Athletic Association
CAES College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
CCTR Career Center for Division of Development and Alumni Relations
CDAG Central Development – Office of Annual Giving
CDAR Central Development – Office of Advancement Research
CDCR Central Development – Office of Corporate Relations
CDDR Central Development – Office of Donor Relations and Stewardship
CDFR Central Development – Office of Foundation Relations
CDMG Central Development – Office of Major Giving
CDPF Central Development – Office of Parent Giving
CDPG Central Development – Office of Planned & Estate Giving
CDPGT Central Development – Office of Principal Giving
CDPM Central Development – Prospect Management
CDTM Central Development – Talent Management
CED College of Environment & Design
COE College of Education
COMM Office of Communications
CPH College of Public Health
CVM College of Veterinary Medicine
DARVP Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
ECOL Odum School of Ecology
ENGR College of Engineering
FACS College of Family & Consumer Sciences
GA4H Georgia 4-H Foundation
GC The Georgia Center
GMOA Georgia Museum of Art
GOVT Sr VP Office of Government Relations
GRAD Graduate School
HON Honors Program
IHE Institute of Higher Education
JRNL Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication
LAW School of Law
LIBS Library
MARCOM Marketing & Communications (formerly Public Affairs)
MP Medical College of Georgia Partnership
OAA Office of Academic Affairs
OFA Office of Finance & Administration
OGE Office of Global Engagement (formerly: International Educ)
OSA Office of Student Affairs
OSE Office of Special Events
OSFA Office of Student Financial Aid
OVPI Office of VP for Instruction
OVPR Office of VP for Research
PAC Performing Arts Center
PHAR College of Pharmacy
PSO Public Service and Outreach
PRES Office of the President of UGA
SBG State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
SPIA School of Public and International Affairs
SSW School of Social Work
TCOB Terry College of Business
UGAF Office of Financial Services
WCHA Wilson Center for Humanities and Arts
WFNR Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
WUGA Radio and TV
***Examples for using Naming Conventions–
Events: AA – Bulldog 100 – 2014
Prospect Plans: CAES – Major Giving Plan
Marketing Efforts: FACS – FY14 Fall Magazine Solicitation
Recognition Programs: CPH – FY Public Health Giving Society
Acknowledgements: A&S – $1+ Weekly Acknowledgements