The Prospect Identification project now contains the L (Linkage) and A (Ability) scores to research new prospects, volunteers, and connections. The aim of including these scores in Advizor will be to help identify and prioritize constituents when searching out new prospects. Constituents will high Linkage and Ability scores will, in general, have a greater propensity to make a gift to the University.

Read more about what makes up these scores here.

Click on the Go to Advizor button from the GAIL resources site to get to the Advizor Project Directory. From here, click on UGAProspectIdentification.

It may take a second (it’s retrieving a lot of information from GAIL) but should land you in the Prospect Identification project, where you’ll see some boxes to check or uncheck and a list of constituents.

On the constituent filter tab (which should be the tab you default to when you first start Advizor) the L and A scores, as well as the combined L+A scores, will have their own columns in the constituent details table that makes up the bottom half of this tab.

If you’re having trouble making out some column headers and values in this constituent details table, try adjusting the size by clicking and dragging on the box with the two lines on the scroll bar at the bottom of the table next to the arrows.