Following on the popularity of the UGA Dashboard and Plan Dashboard, the office of Advancement Services is happy to bring you: the DME Dashboard! This dashboard will be located on your marketing effort page in your list of tabs. We recommend clicking and dragging this tab to the front of your tabs list.



What is located on the DME Dashboard tab?

The DME Dashboard tab contains four of the most essential marketing effort settings: Source Code, Address Processing Options, Exclusions, and Segments.


How will this tab help me with my marketing efforts?

Previously to set-up your marketing effort you needed to navigate through multiple tabs on your marketing effort page. Now with the DME Dashboard, all of your edits can be made in the same location. This enables you to send your emails quicker and download your spreadsheets faster. The dashboard is also organized so that no essential steps are missed. Just start from the top of the tap and work your way down. Once you’ve completed your last step (adding in your segments) you can move on to calculating, exporting, and activating as you normally would.


If you have any questions regarding the new dashboard, please email