The recent addition of certificates, minors, and areas of emphasis to constituent education records will change the way you will need to set up a query in order to get counts based on educational information. With potential for multiple majors, minors, and certificates on a constituent education record, you will need to specify which degree type you are looking for in the criteria filter in order to get accurate counts in your results.

  1. Degree Type can be found within “Additional Information” under the Education History node:


  2. Once you bring it into the criteria box, a drop-down menu will allow you to choose the degree type you want:


  3. The criteria will appear as so in the “Include records where” box:


  4. This, when coupled with your additional criteria, will ensure accurate counts should you use the Sigma aggregate function in your results:


    If you have any questions about this or any other issues related to the query tool, please contact the Advancement Services Reporting Group.