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BEE File Manager Improvements

Are you having difficulty finding the image you need when creating your BEE email? Check out the latest addition to your BEE file manager! This newest update allows for the ability to toggle back and forth between a grid view and a list view when uploading/inserting images to your file manager. When your file manager […]


Ideas, Suggestions and Wish List

Do you have any enhancement ideas you’d like to see in GAIL or Advizor? Or you wish it would do ‘x’? If so, we are eager to hear them. While we cannot promise immediate solutions, the Office of Client Services will consult with our internal teams to find out how we might be able to […]


G-Wiz Update: Copying Direct Marketing Efforts, Guided Arrows, and Event Communications

GAIL users, if you’re planning to send your next newsletter or solicitation, save yourself some time and use the copy option for Direct Marketing Efforts. Lucky for you, G-Wiz now includes an instructional guide for this process. Guided arrows have been added to the instructional slides to prompt you for the next steps. Here’s an example below: […]


Glitch Fix: Extra Padding in BEE Email Content

GAIL users, have you noticed a blank space above your email content while previewing it in the Edit email window? Not to worry, your email recipients will not see this in their message – just make sure not to delete it!


Linking Event Photos to Your GAIL Event

Several of you have asked and we have a simple solution to offer you for linking your photos from your events to the event record in GAIL!  If you have a SmugMug account, for example, you may copy the url link to add it under the Documentation tab inside your event by adding a media […]

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FY17 GAIL Statistics

How did GAIL contribute to fundraising during FY17? Through multiple marketing efforts, events, and phoneathons, GAIL recorded $3.1 million “cash in the door” gifts. GAIL was also able to reach hundreds of thousands of constituents through both email and postal mailings. Want to see how the numbers breakdown?  


2017 GAIL & Advizor Survey Results: Part 4

GAIL User Survey Results #7-11 Q7 – What change or enhancement would be most helpful to you with working in the Events module? Q8 – What change or enhancement would be most helpful to you with working in the Direct Marketing Efforts module? Q9 – What change or enhancement would be most helpful to you with Emailing? […]


2017 GAIL & Advizor Survey Results: Part 2

GAIL User Survey Results – Survey Says! Question #2 in the Survey was “Is there any data you feel should be added and/or maintained in the GAIL System” and we’ve compiled all the user submissions along with responses from our teams.


Updating Event Attendance for Multiple Registrants

Need a handy shortcut to update multiple registrants after they have attended an event? Use the Update event attendance function located in the Tasks menu of the event module!

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