Opportunities Tab in the Prospect Screen

A new tab for Opportunities is now available on the Prospect screen as a second-tier tab. Additional features within the Opportunities sub-tab are the Amount and Total paid columns.

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Requesting Data from GAIL

Need list of constituents for a solicitation, event invitation, or just simple data inquiry? If so, keep in mind that specific access and training in GAIL are required to obtain this data. Please read the following steps to request access and training, as well as processing data.

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October 2016: Scholarship Recipients & Campaign Report Update

GAIL FY 2016 Scholarship recipients are now available in GAIL. Advizor The GAIL and Advizor Campaign Reports have been updated to reflect the official campaign name and sub-campaign names and suffixes .  Users will now see Commit to Georgia rather than Comprehensive Campaign.  And the suffix on the sub-campaigns will be CG rather than CC  (example:  Instruction […]

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Total LAIT Score now available in “Prospects Of…” Group Listings

Development Officers, a new feature is now available to view your Prospect’s total LAIT score in your portfolio’s group listing.

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Online Payroll Deduction Form

Current UGA employees can now participate online for UGA Foundation giving through payroll deduction.  While existing printed authorization forms are still accepted, the download site has been replaced with a new online interface.  All links to the pdf form now point to the online environment and require a log-in using UGA ID and password for […]

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Prospect Management Email Alert Settings

To ensure you’re receiving your prospect management email alerts please take the time to configure your email alert settings from the My fundraiser page.

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Email Statistics

Due to technical issues in GAIL, the Email Statistics and Email Statistics by Date processes have not been functioning properly. However, with the recent system update those issues have been resolved.

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Correspondence Process Instructions for Postal Mailings

The defined Correspondence Process is recommended for basic informational postal mailings. For more details in your data output please continue using Direct Marketing Efforts.


How to Query GAIL Event Invitees

The new CRM 4.0 sp8 patch includes a fix to an issue some users had been experiencing when querying for event invitees.

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GAIL Admissions Data

Information is now available for all incoming freshman as well as parents of freshman.

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