Reminder: Send Invites and Save the Dates Through Events

As we move into the new Fall season, there will be an increase in events across campus. A high number of email save the dates and postal mail invitations will be sent to our constituents. **Please remember that if you are sending a communication to your constituents about an event, the email or postal mail […]


Enhancement: Email Statistics Report

New enhancements have been made to the email statistics report to make it easier to search for and locate a previously sent email through GAIL. These updates include the ability to search by your email name, filtering column headers that remain sticky, and choosing which email data you want to see or not see.


Registrations vs. Registrants-More Details

Once you have this excel file, you can use any number of data fields in conjunction with a Word Merge Document to print out actual Name Tags for your event.  You can contact the Client Services team if you need assistance with setting up and printing your name tags.  There is a standard, bare basics […]

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Personalize BEE Emails Using Informal Salutations

Get the most out of your BEE merge tags by choosing to use either a constituent’s formal or informal salutation in your email greeting. A merge tag is a field you can incorporate into your BEE email template to populate specific information from a constituent’s record. For example, you can place a merge tag in […]


What’s the Difference Between Hard & Soft Email Bounces?

What is an email bounce? An email bounce simply means your email message was unable to be delivered to a constituent. When an email is sent through GAIL and a bounce occurs, the Constituent Management team ( will receive an automatic notification of the delivery failure. This failure can occur for a number of different […]


Maintaining Business Addresses in GAIL

When sending postal mail correspondences through GAIL, one of our most important tasks is making sure that our communication is reaching our constituents. Sometimes this may mean contacting constituents at their place of business instead of at their residence. When a business address is added to the contact tab of a constituent’s profile, we can […]

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How to Attach a PDF to your BEE Email

Email best practices state that the content created for your constituents should be concise, informative, and eye-catching. By inputting too much content into your email, it might make it look cluttered and difficult to read. Sometimes instead of inserting a lengthy letter or article directly into your email, you may need to attach a document to […]


Acknowledgements – Output Fields Guide

Acknowledgements are processes in GAIL that are used to send out thank-you letters to your donors.  Every school/college/unit has at least one acknowledgement process already established in GAIL.  If you, or someone on your team, has not been trained on Acknowledgements, please email Cindy Bond at to coordinate a training date and time.

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Fall 2018: New Student & Parent Records Upload

On September 2nd new student data was added to GAIL via information provided by the Registrar’s office. This impacted 38,328 student records and also added/updated parent information if available.  These new individuals will now appear in your current student/parent selections when processed through a marketing effort or event communication.

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Qualifications Have Moved from Plan Type to Plan Stage

In an effort to streamline and simplify, Prospect Management has disabled the qualification plan type for use going forward and instead will rely on a Qualification step/stage within any gift plan.  The most recently completed or next pending step determines a plan’s stage.

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