Sharing GAIL Data with SendFiles

SendFiles is UGA’s encrypted file sharing service. Please remember that as a GAIL user, you have access to sensitive information that must be protected. If you need to share data from GAIL with a vendor, volunteer, or faculty member, please first verify that the recipient has submitted a Non-Disclosure Agreement form via AskIT and ensure […]

By Emily Clary | General & Updates

The Importance of Activating Direct Marketing Efforts

Activation is the last and arguably most important step in the process of sending a direct marketing effort. We know it’s easy to forget this last step in the excitement of downloading your mailing list or sending your email, but it is imperative, both for your unit and for the integrity of GAIL as a […]

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The Importance of Exclusions

Contents What are exclusions? How does GAIL know who doesn’t want to receive a particular communication? What happens when I send a marketing effort or event invitation? How do I know which exclusions to add? Is it important to put the correct exclusions for my communication? What are exclusions? Respecting the wishes of our constituents […]


Pending Registrations

If you’ve managed an event in GAIL before, you may be familiar with the Pending Registrations tab. If you’re not, this tab is a sort of limbo where registrations wait to be processed manually by our Gift Accounting office. Typically this process is run at the end of every business day, so don’t worry if […]

By Emily Clary | Events Management

“Prospects of” Group Quick Add Option

How do you usually add members to your prospects of group? Most fundraisers opt to go the direct route via the members tab of their prospects of group. On this tab you can click the Add button and search for and select constituents to add to your group. Why do I need to add constituents? […]

By Leslie West | Prospect Management

Tracking Marketing Effort Revenue with Finder Numbers

Did you know that marketing efforts in GAIL allow you to track gifts that are made as a result of the effort? All it takes to enable this feature is adding a placeholder segment to generate a finder number. First thing’s first: what’s a placeholder segment? A placeholder segment acts just like all the segments […]

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New: Single Page Marketing Efforts

If you’ve noticed your marketing efforts look a little bit different lately, you’re not imagining things. Recently we added links to the Tasks bar (found in the top left corner of DMEs) in order to create a single page marketing effort experience. Now once the marketing effort is created in GAIL, all of the resources […]


When to Add Spouses to a Mailing List

Through the Events – Preferred Name Format, you have the option to force spouses in as addressees for your marketing effort or event communication (read more about Events – Preferred Name Format here). Below are some do’s and don’ts of adding spouses to your communications. I Do’s Event Invitations Solicitations Holiday Cards I Don’ts Alumni […]


Locating Existing Selections & Segments in GAIL

Are you creating new segments every single time you process a marketing effort? Did you know that most of the time this step is unnecessary? Once a selection has been created and transformed into a segment, it will continue to exist in GAIL with the potential to be used for multiple future marketing efforts. Let’s […]

By Emily Clary | Direct Marketing Efforts

Sender, Send Name, Send Hour on Email Statistics Page

By using the email statistics link in the marketing and communications functional area, you can get a list of email correspondences sent out through GAIL. You can also click into the name of your, or any, email and get more stats for that particular email, like open rates, donation and event registration dollars generated, and […]