Fundraiser Email Alerts

Psst… Hey Fundraisers! Are you using your “Prospects of” Group to its fullest extent? They’re built out to do more than just send you email notifications. You can use them to check if your prospects have given yet this fiscal year, review the LAIT scores of your prospects, and even include plan participants in the […]

By Emily Clary | Prospect Management

New Research Request Link for Prospects

Are you ready to request research on one of your prospects? No need to break out your detective skills just to locate where to submit the request! We’ve conveniently added a new Request Research link to constituent records of prospects. You’ll find it on the left side of the screen of your prospect’s record in […]

By Emily Clary | Uncategorized

Welcoming Your Student Worker to the World of GAIL

Congratulations on hiring your new student worker, graduate assistant, or intern! I’m sure once they’ve learned the ropes, your new employee is going to be an invaluable resource for your team. Part of your student worker’s responsibilities may be working in GAIL to fulfill essential functions within your department. It is important to know what […]

By Michael James | Uncategorized

Marketing Efforts Planning Calendar

If you’ve ever wanted to peer into a crystal ball and see the future, look no further than the GAIL Planning Calendar. Located in the Marketing & Communications functional area, the Planning Calendar includes all of the marketing efforts and events that have ever been added to GAIL. It even includes the upcoming travel dates […]


Query Using Fundraising Team & Recognition Program

Are you someone in charge of making queries for you team? If so, you may want to make use of some new features of the query tool! You can now query members of a specific fundraising team or membership in a recognition program! Check out the instructional guides below to find out how!

By Michael James | Query

Tracking Pending Interactions That Are Not Connected To Plans

Most fundraisers use the Pending Activity tab on their My fundraiser page to keep track of pending plan steps. However, not all pending interactions are connected to a plan. Are we out of luck? Do we need to manage this manually? Certainly not! You can customize your Pending Activity tab to include these non-plan interactions. […]

By Leslie West | Prospect Management

When to Refresh Selections

Knowing which selection to use in your direct marketing effort or event invitation can sometimes be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to look up existing selections, what each type of selection is used for, and how to know if your selection needs to be […]


How to login to the 02 Restricted VPN

Want to get into GAIL? Reeher? OneSolution? You’ll first need to log in to the 02 Restricted VPN, or virtual private network. Why? Having these systems on the University’s VPN adds an additional layer of security, keeping the information within them safe from unauthorized eyes. If you’ve never used the 02 Restricted VPN before you’ll […]

By Michael James | General & Updates

Sharing GAIL Data with SendFiles

SendFiles is UGA’s encrypted file sharing service. Please remember that as a GAIL user, you have access to sensitive information that must be protected. If you need to share data from GAIL with a vendor, volunteer, or faculty member, please first verify that the recipient has submitted a Non-Disclosure Agreement form via AskIT and ensure […]

By Emily Clary | General & Updates

The Importance of Activating Direct Marketing Efforts

Activation is the last and arguably most important step in the process of sending a direct marketing effort. We know it’s easy to forget this last step in the excitement of downloading your mailing list or sending your email, but it is imperative, both for your unit and for the integrity of GAIL as a […]

By Emily Clary | Direct Marketing Efforts