Reeher Login Changes

On February 21st, the previous Reeher platform transitioned over to the Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management platform.  This transition required users to have a “Blackbaud Id’ before they could continue accessing the platform.  In addition, it introduced some visual differences.  If you encounter problems accepting the Blackbaud Id invitation (that you received via email) or have […]

Annual Giving Marketing Effort Centralization at UGA

Big changes are coming to the way the Annual Giving works in conjunction with other teams across campus. Read more about this centralization effort here.

Using the “Copy from” Event Invitation Option

The copy from option lets you remove invitees who have either registered or declined your event from receiving reminder invitations. While this can be a useful tool in some scenarios, there are a few things to consider… The copy from button is located on your invitees screen within your event. You can get to this […]

Best Practices for Reviewing A Postal Mail Spreadsheet

You’ve exported your mailing list from GAIL, now what? Whether you’re processing a marketing effort or an event communication, you need to review your spreadsheet before sending this information off to your printer. What should you look for? Check on these four topics… Rollcall! Are all your constituents present and accounted for? If you see […]

When to use GAIL Communications

One of the many great powers of GAIL is the ability to send mass communication pieces. You can reach practically any group of constituents in GAIL for your marketing and event communications, but how do you know when you should use this process versus sending an individual email or a quick update to the department […]

How to Query Mentors/Mentees

Who’s who in the UGA Mentor Program? With the UGA Mentor Program underway, there is now a way to query those individuals involved in this exciting new venture. This process only refers to individuals who are part of the official university-wide mentoring program and not any school-specific or departmental mentoring programs that may already exist […]

EVI, PDI, and Six Square Segmentation

The Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management (BFPM) platform — what you may formerly have refered to as Reeher — introduces exciting new behaviorally-based giving metrics to assist fundraisers in their prospect and portfolio decision making. You may have seen, heard talk of, or even be using these four scores introduced with this new platform. They are: […]

3 Ways to Exclude Constituents from Marketing Efforts

When processing a market effort, you may wish to remove select constituents from receiving your correspondence. This is a fairly common process and why you should always review your export before sending a communication. GAIL will already remove constituents based on factors like solicit codes, invalid addresses, and deceased individuals. However you may also have additional […]