2018 GAIL Enhancement Highlights

New year, new GAIL! As we count down to 2019, we’d like to reflect back on 2018 and all the awesome enhancements and customizations that have been added to GAIL this year. Click here to view the GAIL highlights reel for 2018!

Editing Opportunities from the Pending Activity Tab

If you’re a fundraiser, the fundraiser tab on your constituent profile houses a great tool: your pending activity page. Here you can see your list of pending plan steps and interactions for your prospects in one place. You can file contact reports for plans you’re working on, edit steps or mark them complete directly from […]

What’s the Difference Between Event Coordinators & Event Contacts?

Assigning event coordinators and event contacts often get confusing. While their names may be similar, their purposes are very different. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I assign this person as my event contact or coordinator?”, refer to this quick guide. The event contact is directly connected to the location chosen for your event. The […]

When is the Best Time to Send an Email?

You’ve been meticulously putting together an email for the past two weeks. You’re ready to send! The common wisdom you may hear is that the best time to send an email is at 10am on a Tuesday, but is that true? We looked at the data on over 7,000 email communications sent through GAIL to try […]

5 Reasons to Switch to GAIL Marketing

Are you using an online marketing platform to send out your mass communications and event invitations? You’ve probably heard of or received an email from services like MailChimp or Constant Contact, you may even be utilizing one. But what if you could also harness the power of UGA’s donor and alumni database? Wouldn’t that be […]

Simplified Plan and Opportunity Creation in GAIL

There is a new “Add Proposal” form that combines multiple Plan and Opportunity setup actions into one seamless process.  The interactive “Add Proposal” form guides users through only the required data points depending on the plan stage and the impending gift solicitation.  Less commonly used elements of plans and opportunities were removed to streamline a […]

Team Spotlight: Application Support

Who are the members of the Application Support team? Application Support is made up of 4 team members: Greg Harmelink, Tanya Crowe Boles, Daniel Johnson, and Chuck Griffin.   Team Fun Facts: Greg wrote a song which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie My Boss’s Daughter. Tanya volunteers for UGA’s CERT program as […]

Research Request Tab: “Requested On” Column

If you’re a fundraiser, the Research Request sub-tab on your constituent profile shows a list of all the research requests you have made. This provides a nice way to keep up with all the research you’re working with, when you requested it, when it’s due, if it is complete or in progress, who is conducting […]