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Did you know we offer 12 different training courses?

Learning doesn’t stop at GAIL 101. We offer a multitude of classes in a variety of different topics including marketing, fundraising, and event planning. Our introduction classes only scratch the surface of GAIL’s capabilities. We dare you to keep going! Not exactly sure which classes to sign-up for? No worries! We can help you decide which classes are right for you.

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Psst... Hey Fundraisers! Are you using your "Prospects of" Group to its fullest extent? They're built out to do more than …

Not sure about GAIL? Let us convince you!

GAIL has over 700,000 constituent records that can be levied by your team to achieve your donor and alumni outreach goals. Not only is GAIL an up-to-date set of records, but it is also a suite of incredible tools.

Tell us what you need and we’ll show you how to get started!

Think your team could utilize and benefit from this vast knowledge base but don’t know where to start? Let’s set up a consultation! We’ll show you how GAIL can work for you! 

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