Fall 2018: On-Boarding New Employees with GAIL

The office of Client Services is happy to welcome all new UGA employees to our Fall 2018 semester! During the next few months, a large portion of our new employee pool will be on-boarding with GAIL. This means registering and attending a GAIl 101 training class. GAIL 101 training must be completed by all new […]

GAIL Access Termination

Attention All Users: The policies for having access to GAIL dictate that any user that has not logged into GAIL within the past 6 months will have their access terminated.  Additionally, if you have not attended a GAIL training class within the past 12 months, you will be required to take a GAIL 101 as […]

Enhancement: BEE Undo Option

The latest enhancement to BEE lets you “undo” changes made to your email content. When you click into a content box and begin making edits, you will see a history and undo icon appear in the bottom left corner of your email window. Use these tools to undo a single edit or jump back in […]

Marketing Exclusions Report

If you want to know which constituents are being excluded from your effort and why, you can run a Marketing Exclusions Report.

How to Create a New Plan and Add Steps

If the process of adding steps to a brand new plan seems like a multi-step system, next time try utilizing the steps tab shortcut within your plan screen. This tab allows you to either build steps from scratch or insert a pre-made steps outline.

FY18 GAIL Year-End Statistics

Do you ever wonder how many marketing efforts and event invitations are sent out in a fiscal year? How many people are we reaching? What’s the average number of communications a constituent receives per year? All this information and more can be found on the FY18 GAIL Communications Statistics Infographic.

Coming Soon: New GAIL Training Classes

Starting in October, the office of Client Services will begin offering two new training classes. These courses will be targeted towards student workers and support staff.

Selections & Segments Tracker

With all the many various lists you request from ASKIT to use with your marketing efforts and events, it’s pretty difficult to remember which selection or segment was used for which communication and what criteria was used in creating each list.  To help manage your lists, below is a simple excel file that you can […]