Event Managers, a smart query has been created specifically for each of your schools/colleges/units.  Please be sure you use only the one with your naming convention (ex:  “A&S – Event Attendees”).  There is only one smart query per unit so others on your team will also have access to use it.

**This process will overwrite the results each time it’s used so be sure to use it in a timely manner or run it again when you are ready to use it.**

Follow the steps below to create your Event Smart Query

  1. In the Analysis functional area, click on Smart query searchsq1

  2. In the name field type in your naming convention followed by “ – Event Attendees” to search and select your Smart Query.

  3. On the next screen, click Edit definition


  4. Parameters tab – Search for the event you would like to create the selection from.
    a) if you want only those marked as Attended, then you need to be sure to check the box next toOnly return registrants who are marked as attended” then click Save.b) However, if you want only those marked as Registered, do not check the box next toOnly return registrants who are marked as attended” then click Save.

  5. Once you’ve edited and saved the Smart Query, click on the Events functional area to search and select your event.

  6. In the event module, click on the Invitations tab

  7. Click the add button to create a new invitation

  8. Name the invitation starting with your naming convention, give it a brief description, and add the mail date

  9. Click on the Processing Options tab, apply the settings and click Save when done

  10. Click on the name of the invitation to drill into it

  11. On the Invitees screen, click the Add button and select Multiple constituents


  12. Search for the Smart Query you created in the Selected constituents box
  13. Click on the exclusions tab and apply the appropriate exclusions, then click Save.

  14. Click the Send Naming Convention – Name of your event invitation to process the records

  15. After the records processed, click on the drop down arrows next to the Export definition to download your data and/or send the email